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Do you agree that the information on the Student Information and Family Information sections, can be provided to the relevant Parish Priest.

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I/we understand and accept that the completion of this application/enrolment form does not guarantee an enrolment interview.
Successful applicants will be determined in accordance with the schools enrolment criteria.

I/we understand and accept that attendance at an interview does not guarantee an enrolment offer being made.

I/we understand that enrolment of a student in one Catholic school does not guarantee the enrolment of that student in any other Catholic school.

I/we have completed this application form fully to the best of my/our knowledge. Further I/we acknowledge and accept that if it can be demonstrated that I/we have withheld any information relevant to the application/enrolment process especially in relation to this student's Parenting Orders, then the enrolment may be refused or terminated on this ground.

I/we have read and fully understand and agree that enrolment in a Catholic School means that we and our child will participate fully in all required aspects of the educational program of the school including the Religious Education program of the school.

I/we have read and fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions set out in the school fee collection policy.

I/we give permission for photos of my child to be used in both the electronic media and newsprint.

I/we am/are aware that St Lawrence's has a School uniform policy (see information booklet). I/we agree that my child will dress accordingly.

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