Religious Education

St Lawrence’s Primary School offers a Catholic Education through the Religious Education Learning Area and Catholic faith-life practices of the school community. We consider Religious Education as central to the curriculum life of our school.  This curriculum follows the Catholic Education Office of WA – “Religious Education Units of Work” that are mandated by the Bishops of WA.  Religious Education is taught with all the same demands and rigours of other learning areas.

Evangelisation Plan

St Lawrence's Prayer Book

Sacramental Program

Children are prepared for and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation in Year Three, Eucharist in Year Four and Confirmation in Year Six at St Lawrence’s Parish, Bluff Point.

Bluff Point Parish details:

Phone: 99231343


Mission Efforts

At St Lawrence’s Primary School we encourage our students to ‘do something for others’ in the spirit of St Lawrence and to live out our school motto – ‘Love and serve the Lord’ through making regular donations to class and school missions fundraisers. Each class has their own mission box for donations, these are collected fortnightly and mission awards presented to the classes who have raised the most amount of funds. Each term we have a school wide mission fundraising effort.

During Semester One all monies raised go towards Caritas – Project Compassion (Term One) and Communio (Term Two).

Semester Two fundraising efforts go to St Vincent de Paul  (Term Three) and Catholic Missions – Children’s Missions Appeal (Term Four). 


Communio is the name given to the Bishop’s appeal for funds to go towards supporting the local Catholic Aid Agencies in the Geraldton Diocese:


St Vincent de Paul

Drug Arm

Nazareth House Nursing Home

Communio Information Sheet