Gifted and Talented Program

The purpose of the Enrichment programme is to identify students with higher abilities and to provide them with activities that add greater breadth to curriculum content.  The programme is offered for students from Year One to Six. Students are selected according to high performance in a number of standardised tests including NAPLAN and the Test of Learning Ability.

Two classes are offered for each year level focusing on the development of higher order thinking skills through Numeracy and Literacy activities whilst allowing students to explore areas of study or interest in greater depth.

Early Intervention Programs

Literacy Support is provided through the following programs:

PreLit is a skills based, early literacy preparation program for preschool children. It is designed to complement a play-based learning environment and teaches pre-literacy skills.

MiniLit is a small group intervention reading program for struggling year ones and year twos.  It provides word attack skills through phonemic awareness and phonics delivered in a systematic way. MiniLit also focuses on fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. 

MacqLit is a systematic reading intervention program for low-progress readers in Year 3 and above. It provides instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Children on this program are also placed on a Reinforced Reading schedule which supports their reading development.

Speech Therapist

Early intervention in speech development  is conducted in Kindergarten. Following an intense screening process, appropriate programs are implemented in the early years.

Students with Disabilities Coordinator

St Lawrence's Primary School has a Students with Disabilities coordinator who manages documentation, programs, processes to enable all students opportunities to engage fully in learning.

Social & Wellbeing Programs

Various programs are run at St Lawrence's to protect and nurture student well being. These programs includes Friendly Schools, Keeping safe, Holding Hands and Cyber Safety. A whole school Behaviour Management program is based on Restorative Practice. This coincides with our whole school Buddy Class system.

School Psychology Services

St Lawrence’s has access to a school psychologist for the purpose of classroom observations, school guidance, and as a professional resource for staff.

Aboriginal Education Assistant

AEA’s are employed at the school to specifically work with Aboriginal students. They also coordinate special events throughout the school including Harmony day, NAIDOC etc.