St Lawrence's Mission Statement

At St Lawrence’s, we endeavour to engage all members of the community in achieving our school vision and goals. We value respectful relationships using clear communication.

We value Religious Education as our highest priority, being a fundamental part of our curriculum where staff model positive interactions in the school, the parish and the wider community.

We place emphasis on the education of the whole person, balancing intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and physical dimensions. We aspire to create learning environments where each person is supported and encouraged to be actively engaged to reach their potential.

The Key Learning Behaviours underline all our teaching practice. Setting Goals, Communicating with Clarity, Accepting Challenges, Actively Listening, Persisting, Risk Taking, Being Reflective, Self Regulating, Being Accountable and Learning from Mistakes are integrated in our teaching and learning.

All assessment is carried out for authentic purposes, providing data that is relevant and informs learning. Effective feedback strategies are modelled and taught throughout the school and each person is encouraged and supported to take responsibility for their own learning. We develop this reflective practice throughout the school using formal and informal feedback.

We continue to be a school community that makes a positive difference in the lives of all, by providing each child with a Catholic education based on the values and teachings of Christ. Our school community gives daily Christian witness through nurturing the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’. The school motto, 'Love and Serve the Lord' provides a model where Pastoral Care is provided for all.