Early Years Vision Statement

The St Lawrence’s community believe that every child is uniquely created by God and will develop in his/her own special way. Childhood is an important and valued phase of life. It is a time for wonder, exploration, creativity and discovery.

A gentle transition from home into a school environment is encouraged to ensure that each child feels safe, secure and supported. We respect the important role of parents as their child’s first educators. We work together to nurture each child’s spiritual, emotional, social, cognitive, physical and creative development. We acknowledge that each child is capable of learning in his/her own way and at his/her own rate, yet provide challenge by providing learning opportunities that will extend their knowledge and skills further.

Early Childhood Educators at St Lawrence’s work carefully and intentionally towards establishing trusting and mutually respectful relationships with the children, families and school community. This will allow each child to develop a sense of belonging and connection with their new learning environment. 

We as educators aim to foster independent and capable learners who are confident to take risks. 

Therefore, we seek to: 

  • Have children learn in a safe and secure environment where relationships between students, educators and families are valued. 
  • Respect and acknowledge the influencing cultures of St Lawrence’s community.
  • Provide opportunities to allow children to develop imagination, creativity and skills through play experiences.
  • Challenge students by providing learning opportunities within their zone of proximal development (Vygotsky).
  • Plan for learning by implementing the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Australian Curriculum documents.
  • Responding to children’s interest through an Emergent Curriculum.
  • Plan for intentional teaching through play experiences.
  • Flexibility in timetabling and learning requirements.